Divisi: Marketing & Sales

Business Strategic (Junior)


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Job Description

  1. Perform analysis functions, mapping, various matters regarding the company's business both internal and external.

  2. Making planing and execute a business plan for new business opportunities.

  3. Coordinate between divisions in running the project according to the timeline and budget that has been determined.

  4. Monitor product performance both as a whole and newly implemented features or optimizations.

  5. Identify market trends and develop tactics to boost sales and brand value.
    Assist management with contract negotiations, product improvements, and other tasks

  6. Create innovative corporate programs as needed.

  7. making guidance for putting strategies into practice.

Job Specification

  1. Undergraduate degree in Business/Economics/Industrial Engineering
  2. Have 1-2 years experience as a consultant / business intelligence & strategy / business analysis or related experience.
  3. Background in IT strategic consultant/software development or POS.
  4. Have experience as project management, able to develop the team to the fullest.
  5. Have the ability to analyze business (business analysis).
  6. Familiar with product analytics tools
  7. Understand business trends


1. Hybrid system

2. Insurance with Dental cover

3. Private Medical/health insurance for employee and family members (spouse up to 3 children)

4. BPJS Allowance (Old Age Insurance, Health Insurance, Pension Insurance, Work Accident Insurance, Death Insurance)

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